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Ancillary Banknote Issues

Private notes issued by non-banking organisations

Limerick Soviet notes 1919 • Ballykinlar Tokens 1919–1922

There were two ancillary banknote issues in Ireland, both in and around the period of the Irish war of independence.

Limerick Soviet Banknote Issue 1919

Limerick Soviet notes were printed in three denominations: One Shilling, Five Shillings, Ten shillings.

They carry the inscription around the edges: "General Strike Against British Militarism. Limerick April 1919"; and in the centre: "The Workers of Limerick Promise to Pay the Bearer..." "...for The Limerick Trades and Labour Council", and are signed by the Chairman and Treasurer. The notes are validated by an oval purple 'Mechanics Institute Limerick' stamp with a shamrock in its centre.

There are five Types of Limerick Soviet notes, as follows:

A1. Signatures John Cronin, Chairman; James Casey, Treasurer. Notes Stamped and Numbered.
This is the standard issue note.
B. Signed as the signatories but by persons other than the signatories. Notes Stamped and Numbered.
This is likely a 'souvenir' note.
C. Signed as the signatories but by persons other than the signatories. Notes Stamped but not numbered.
This is likely a 'souvenir' note.
D. Numbered and Stamped, but not signed.
Possibly unissued notes awaiting signatures which were kept as souvenirs after the end of the note issue.
E. Signed backwards by a single person as James Casey, Chairman; John Cronin, Treasurer.
Numbered and Stamped. Another souvenir, created by someone ‘signing up’ a Type D note.

The notes have been seen printed on various shades of paper, primarily cream-white, and grey-bluish. Later-numbered notes tend to be on the grey-bluish paper, though very high numbers have been seen on white paper. This variance is likely die to the ‘emergency’ nature of the note issue, being printed on the best available stock that was to hand. All denominations have been seen on both shades of paper. Observed variations in the two paper colours may be due to aging, or to variations in the paper stock used.

Ballykinlar Internment Camp Tokens 1919-1922

The unofficial Ballykinlar tokens were printed in seven denominations as follows:

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