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National Bank of Ireland banknotes 1918-1927 added to web site

Banknote issues preceding the Irish Government issues. Joint Stock Banks. Private Banks.
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National Bank of Ireland banknotes 1918-1927 added to web site

Post#1 » Wed Oct 11, 2017 11:08 am

The Old Notes section on National Bank of Ireland notes Series C 1918-1920, and National Bank Series D 1921-1927 (Irish Free State era) has been revised, with the addition of new introductory pages, and new images covering every known Type (by signature) and denomination (£1, £5, £10).

New sections displaying an image of every date of issue have been added for each Series, National Bank date listing 1918-1920, and National Bank date listing 1921-1927.

Several dates of some denominations remain to be pictured as detailed following. There are also prefix gaps in the Series D £1 notes where the date is not known. Hopefully, the missing dates will be filled in over time.

Pictures sought for the National Bank date listing
Series C:
£1: Image sought of £1 note with prefixes J (date 1 Oct 1919).

Series D:
£1: Images sought of £1 notes with prefixes D (date 1 Nov 1921), E, H, J (Dates unknown).
£5: Image sought of £5 notes dated 5 Nov 1926.
£10: Image sought of £10 note dated 10 Feb 1922.

Ireland National Bank One Pound 1918

Ireland National Bank Five Pounds 1919

Ireland National Bank Ten Pounds 1924

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