Books on Finnish banknotes for download

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Books on Finnish banknotes for download

Post by Mac » 23 Jun 2018 12:04

Suomen Pankki, The Bank of Finland has for a long time been proactive in its recognition of coin and banknote collectors. It has produced books about the currency of Finland over the past few decades.

I found these hidden on its website when I was looking for something else!

Viimeiset markat – Suomen markkamääräiset setelityypit 1945–2002
(The last Banknotes of Finland 1945-2002)
This book is in Finnish, but you don’t need to learn Finnish to enjoy it as there are lots of pictures. The book covers the design, development and printing of Finnish banknotes from 1945 up to the Euro, including partial colour proofs. This is a pdf download of a 350 page book, well worth a look.

Several other books on paper money are also available from the Bank of Finland website in both English and Finnish, as listed following
English: The first euros: The creation and issue of the first euro banknotes and the road to the Europa series
Suomi: Ensimmäiset eurot: Eurosetelisarjan synty, liikkeeseenlasku ja ensi vuosikymmen

The origins and history of the Bank of Finland. The downloads again are pdf versions of actual books, and contain illustrations of some banknotes.
Part 1.
English: Bank of Finland 200 years I: Imperial cashier to central bank
Suomi: Suomen Pankki 200 vuotta I: Keisarin kassasta keskuspankiksi
Part 2.
English: Bank of Finland 200 years II: Parliament's bank
Suomi: Suomen Pankki 200 vuotta II: Parlamentin pankki

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Re: Books on Finnish banknotes for download

Post by ThePloughman » 04 Jul 2018 00:39

Very nice book (Last banknotes of Finland. English version would be good tho) a pity there aren't similar books on Irish currency.

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