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William Williams-Hewitt & Co. Cork ca.1776-1787

Posted: 11 Apr 2020 21:21
by DOC
The Hon. William Williams-Hewitt set up a bank in Cork in the 1770’s. Relatively little is known about the bank, whether there were other partners or if it issued notes. Williams Williams-Hewitt was an army officer prior to founding the bank. He was the second son of James Hewitt who was appointed Lord Chancellor of Ireland in 1768.

I recently came across a note which provides some insight into the activities of the bank. Although unissued, I think it suggests that the bank did issue notes and it also provides the name of the two other partners: Thomas Strettell and Edward Strettell. William Williams-Hewitt was married to the daughter of Thomas Strettell, a Cork Merchant.

The note itself is interesting as the denomination is blank and would have been added by hand prior to issue. This is a feature of the earliest Irish banknotes.

Re: William Williams-Hewitt & Co. Cork ca.1776-1787

Posted: 28 Jun 2020 11:29
by DOC
The William Williams Hewitt & Co. note above could have been denominated in pounds or guineas. Most notes of this era were issued for sums of £5 or above as large notes for commercial payments. The attached post bill issued by Thomas Roche & Co. illustrates how the note could have been issued in guineas with the equivalent in Irish currency written beside the £ sign.