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About the Enamel Banknote Badges section

Vintage pin badges depicting banknotes, ca1870-1890.
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About the Enamel Banknote Badges section

Post#1 » Sun Oct 16, 2016 5:46 pm

This section is about enamel badge featuring banknotes.
All the varieties of bank note badges that I have come across are featured here.

The bankote badges were produced in the 1870s, initially in France. There are many varieties, and though they are not uncommon, little has been published on them. They are not particularly valuable. There are many varieties of fasteners, and minor design varieties in the bankotes depicted.

There were also badges, and later pendants of items other than banknotes produced, most commonly postage stamps. Also, postage stamps from as late as the 1930s have been seen as enamel pendants. These similar badges of other related items, mostly postage stamps, are in the non-bankote sub-section.

There are also modern versions of old postage stamps being manufactured currently.

The intention is to grow the knowledgebase on the older pre-1940 badges, and to research the varieties.

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