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The Structure of Irish Banknote issues 1783-2001

Posted: 24 Jan 2015 19:04
by Mac
Irish Banknotes goes into detail in the banknotes in its Historical Introduction and following History Timeline.

Irish banknote issues. Joint stock banks, Currency Commission Ireland, Central Bank of Ireland, Northern Ireland.

Re: The Structure of Irish Banknote issues 1783-2001

Posted: 10 May 2015 15:40
by Mac
A new currency for the Irish Free State

In creating a new Irish currency after independence in 1922, the intention was to produce something distinctively Irish for the Irish Free State which would be non-political or sectarian. Thus, both the banknotes and the the coinage of the Irish Free State reflected this in their designs. The right to issue coinage, currency and postage stamps was an important means for the new state to express its identity. As well as taking over the extant extant British postal system and issuing new stamps in place of overprinting those already in use, the state also sought to limit and control the pre-existing rights of the commercial banks to issue banknotes through the Consolidated note issue.

The new Irish Free State stamps