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£20 note first date 10.09.92, rarest of the series

Posted: 13 Feb 2015 13:28
by Mac
The C Series Central Bank of Ireland started with the rarest date of the series!
The first date of the Twenty Pound note, 10.09.92 was a surprise when it appeared—we were expecting 21.09.92 to be the first date. It is likely that this date before the first standard issue date (21.09.92) was done as a trial run of the new design.

The print run was around 60,000 (against 12,000,000 notes per date normally) and the date exists only as a replacement note, with prefix BBB. Series traced to BBB 067695, with 21.09.92 replacement commencing at BBB 061089.

More to follow...

Re: £20 note first date 10.09.92, rarest of the series

Posted: 15 Feb 2015 14:51
by Mac
C Series, Central Bank of Ireland Twenty Pounds first dates.

BBB 10.09.92, a date preceding the first official date of issue.

The first date for standard issue notes 21.09.92:

BBB replacement of 21.09.92

Interestingly, 10.09.92 also correlates with the very first Irish £20 note, dated 10.9.28.