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Currency Commission Consolidated Banknotes
The Provincial Bank of Ireland Ltd. 1929-1940

Three Types, by signature

Type 1P. Hume Robertson 1929. £1, £5, £10, £20
Type 2P. F. S. Forde 1931-1936. £1, £5, £10
Type 3P. G. A. Kennedy 1937-1940. £1, £5, £10

The Provincial Bank of Ireland Ltd.


Founded in London in 1825, the Provincial Bank of Ireland opened its first branch in Cork on 1 September 1825. Its primary aim was to introduce English capital into Ireland outside of the Dublin area. It was organised along the lines of the Scottish banks of the day, and imported Scottish expertise.

The Provincial Bank commenced its initial note issue in 1825. It issued Consolidated Banknotes in 1929, as well as its own Northern Ireland issue. Provincial Bank Ploughman notes are of medium scarcity, and reflect its allocation (£649,000) of the total Ploughman note issue. The scarcest notes are Robertson £5 notes and Kennedy £10 notes, the latter being a rare note. In contrast, Kennedy £1 notes are more common than those of the first two signatures combined.

In 1966 The Provincial Bank of Ireland merged with The Munster and Leinster Bank and The Royal Bank of Ireland to form Allied Irish Banks. The new bank group retained the Provincial Bank identity in Northern Ireland and continued to issue banknotes there as the Provincial Bank of Ireland until 1981 when it issued banknotes under the title of Allied Irish Banks. It changed its title to First Trust Bank in 1994, and still continues to issue its own notes under that title.

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1 Bank of Ireland

2 Hibernian Bank

3 Munster and Leinster Bank

4 National Bank

5 Northern Bank

6 Provincial Bank

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