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Consolidated Banknotes
Currency Commission Ireland 1929-1941
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Ploughman 5 pound note

Ploughman Note Proofs

Currency Commission Ploughman Specimen Images

Thomas De La Rue Ploughman Specimen Images

Original allocation of Irish Ploughman notes per bank

The figures for the amount allocated to each of the Associated Banks were as follows:

The Bank of Ireland Ltd. £1,760,000
The Hibernian Bank Ltd. £439,000
The Munster & Leinster Bank Ltd. £852,000
The National Bank Ltd. £1,365,000
The Northern Bank Ltd. £243,000
The Provincial Bank of Ireland Ltd. £649,000
The Royal Bank of Ireland Ltd. £273,000
The Ulster Bank Ltd. £419,000

Total £6,000,000

Relative rarities

Relative rarities of the denominations of the banks with respect to each other. BoI £1 notes are the most common Ploughman notes. This relative rarity indicator is based on the results of the Ploughman Scan Survey 2014 results.

£1: BoI <<< Nat < M&L < (RB) = PBI < HiB < UB << Nor
£5: (Nat) < PBI = [BoI] = M&L = HiB < UB < RB < Nor
£10: [M&L] = PBI = Nat < HiB < UB = RB < BoI << Nor

The Ploughman Scan Survey is a continuous survey the scope of which is to record all the surviving Ploughman notes. Reports on the progress of PSS are posted over on the site forum .

Royal Bank £1 notes and National Bank £5 notes are of equivalent rarity, and Bank of Ireland £5 notes are of equivalent rarity to Munster and Leinster Bank £10 notes.

Bank of Ireland £1 notes are by far the most common notes, accounting for 18% of all Ploughman notes seen, and 29% of all £1 notes recorded. By far the rarest of all Ploughman notes by type is the Northern Bank £10 note.

Below, for comparison are the same relative rarities as determined in 2002

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