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Currently available, the new 2020 Fourth Edition of the essential catalogue on Irish Paper Money

Irish Banknotes

Irish Paper Money 1928–2001

by Martan MacDevitt

4th Edition 2020

Irish Banknotes book 2020

Please send your enquiries to me by email.

Specifications: Card cover, 80 pages, A5 size (210mm x 145mm, 7mm thick), Perfect bound. Black and white throughout with four colour pages.
ISBN-13: 9780954371241. RRP £16.50.

The Fourth Edition of the A5 paperback version is now available. This is the definitive guide and catalogue of modern Irish government Papermoney, a useful guide and essential reference for anyone interested in collecting and learning about the paper money of the Republic of Ireland.

The book covers all the government banknote issues of the Irish Free State and Republic of Ireland, with descriptions, quantities printed, valuations and illustrations.

Consolidated banknotes (Ploughman), 1929-1941;
Series A banknotes (Lavery), 1928-1977;
Series B banknotes, 1976-1993;
Series C banknotes, 1992-2001 (by date);
Limerick Soviet notes, 1919

Special attention is made to illustrating the rarer note issues.

The 4th edition of Irish Banknotes features:

Irish currency catalogue

irish banknote book

irish paper money catalog

irish paper money book

Irish paper money book

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