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Re: Irish Changelog. Version 2.2.1 to v3.0.n CAP4 upgrade

Posted: 05 Nov 2020 13:21
by Mac
Version 2.2.1 to v2.2.2 CAP4 upgrade

Content Addition Program 4 will see the introduction of sections on Specimen banknotes. Additionally, many existing images will be replaced with better quality versions. These images date from the modem era, and were optimised for small file size. CAP4 will also bring the Historical Timeline up to date, and replace older gif images throughout the site with more up to date images to improve quality. There will be no disruption to the website’s functioning.

Change Phases
Phase One: 30% complete as of 21.12.20

Phase 1: — 48% complete
–Addition of a section on Specimen banknotes of A Series, B Series, C Series notes of signatures not already imaged. This section will include all Legal Tender Note specimens.
–A Series Waterlow Specimens 1928-1960; Central Bank specimens 1974-1977 - Completed 21.12.20
–B Series Central Bank specimens
–C Series Central Bank specimens
–A Series De La Rue Specimen notes 1959-1976

Phase 2: — 60% complete
Upgrade of image quality in image galleries of Irish Government Banknotes.
This will be an on-going progressive upgrade.
–A Series
–B Series
–C Series
–Consolidated Banknotes
–Specimen Banknotes - Completed 03.03.21

Phase 3: — 58% complete
- Images in level 2 and level 3 improvement in quality. Started 01.03.21. - 80% complete.
- The Historical Timeline will be expanded at both ends to include Private Banks from 1670, and Northern Ireland Issues post-2000. Started 01.03.21 - Completed 30.04.21.
- Images on the Historical Timeline will be upgraded to improve quality. Some of these images still date from 2005-2008, and were optimised for a slower internet. Any remaining Low res gif images will be replaced with higher res jpg images. Started 01.03.21. - Completed 30.04.21.
- Addition of new images to Historical Timeline. 0% complete.
- All remaining low res gif images throughout the website on pages down to level 4 will be replaced with jpg images where appropriate. This will leave only thumbnails as gif images. Started 02.05.21 - 40% complete 16.09.21

Re: Irish Changelog. Version 2.2.0 to v2.2.n CAP upgrades

Posted: 21 Dec 2020 14:59
by Mac
Added a section on Legal Tender Specimen banknotes to the website. Initially this section covers all known types of A Series Lavery specimen notes. It will be expanded to include specimen notes of B Series and C Series notes, and also Lavery notes produced as De La Rue specimens.

Re: Irish Changelog. Version 2.2.0 to v3.0.n CAP upgrades

Posted: 07 Mar 2021 15:46
by Mac
Irish Changelog. Version 2.2.x to v3.0.x CAP upgrades

Version 2.2.2 to v3.0.0 CAP4 upgrade

Additions and changes to the main website will go here.

Additional New content: constantly underway
Addition of new sections to the website—these sections will also undergo expansion subsequent to their introduction.

21.12.20 • Added a new section on Legal Tender Specimen Banknotes which illustrates an example of every known Specimen note for which there is an image available.

Re: Irish Changelog. Version 2.2.0 to v3.0.n CAP upgrades

Posted: 09 Apr 2021 18:02
by Mac
The Historical Timeline expansion 90% complete. Addition of links remains to be done.
Replacement of low res gif images throughout the website is progressing as an on-going process. About 30% complete.