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Lots of Plowmans turning up lately

Posted: 07 May 2017 02:49
by ThePloughman
Hi. I see a lot of Plowman fives in Heritage, and lots of £1 notes in the Dublin auction. Prices seem to be falling a bit too, I got a nice £5 hibernian for a good price from the Heritage auction.
Are these getting more common? There are half a dozen Northern bank fivers too.

eBay is still full of overpriced Plowmans. Some of them have been there for a long time, the auction ones sell ok though.
Most dealers seem to overprice them too.

Re: Lots of Plowmans turning up lately

Posted: 08 May 2017 15:49
by Mac
Every now and then a hoard of these turn up, same with Lavery notes.
It brings prices down a bit, and gives the ordinary collector a chance to get in and add a few of the more interesting notes to their collections.
The market is soft, but there was only one unsold lot among the Ploughman notes. A good buyer's market.

Most buy it nows on ebay listings are way overpriced—collectors know this though and they remain unsold. Items sold in auction are more of a good baromoter of prices.