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Info on grades

Posted: 19 Dec 2016 03:05
by ThePloughman
Any plans to publish info on grades for Plowmans?
Are there any true UNC notes, any time I see a Plowman listed as UNC, it isnt, XF or AU at best. I've never seen one with proper sharp corners. Some of those 1933 National £5 notes are good, have you seen any UNCs of those 15.3.33 date? How many have you seen of them?

Re: Info on grades

Posted: 23 Dec 2016 00:21
by Mac
I will do an article on this sometime soon. There is a lot of grade info in PSS (given that it contains pics of a couple of thousand Ploughman notes).

I have never seen a strict UNC Ploughman note. There was one note I have seen from that group of 15.3.33 National £5 notes, which I would grade as About Unc, pretty close—Keable would have termed it as 99 back in the old days. Many dealers, and the grading companies, can be quite sloppy at grading these days. There are some dealers who are still spot on though.