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RE: Ploughman note survey PSS

Posted: 04 Jul 2017 01:40
by ThePloughman
There is an amazing number of these turning up in th elast few years, much more than you'd see, say 10 years ago.
Between the Dublin and US auctions, there has been hundreds of Pounds in face value.
Whytes must have gone through £300 in One Pounders alone, and Heritage the same in fives. Then there's other auctions like dnw in England.

Re: RE: PSS survey

Posted: 10 Jul 2017 21:45
by Mac
Yes, there is a lot of new material coming onto the market these days.

Re: RE: Ploughman note survey PSS

Posted: 17 Mar 2023 15:58
by Mac
Chance favours the prepared mind, as a friend of mine occasionally reminds me!

I was looking for something in an old auction catalogue, and chanced upon a copy of Mealy’s auction catalogue, June 10, 2003. Pictured on the front cover is a Munster & Leinster Bank £1 Ploughman which was not recorded in the Ploughman Scan Survey!
Inside are pictured several notes, including a Munster & Leinster Bank £5 and £10 note, both of which were also new to the census. There were other Ploughman notes in the sale, sadly no pictures or serial numbers listed. Still, a £16 face value added isn’t bad going!

I remember that auction, and looking at the notes. My friend and I were both adding to our Ploughman collections back then, and we did buy a few of the notes. I guess that is why I still have the catalogue!