New Polymer Notes for Northern Ireland

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Re: New Polymer Notes for Northern Ireland

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A new £50 Ulster Bank polymer note has just been released (15th June 2022). The note celebrates the contribution of women in Northern Ireland to science and industry. Jocelyn Bell Burnell is acknowledged for her pioneering work in the discovery of pulsars and there are images of women in the Life Sciences and millies, women who worked at looms in the region’s linen industry. There are also illustrations of plants and animals native to the region on the front and back of the note.

The first £50 polymer note is dated 1st March 2021 and bears the signature of Group Chief Executive Officer, Alison Rose. The front and back of the issued note is illustrated.
Ulster-Bank-50-Pounds-Polymer-1st-March-2021-Alison-Rose-Front.jpg (93.59 KiB) Viewed 10 times
Ulster-Bank-50-Pounds-Polymer-1st-March-2021-Back.jpg (83.85 KiB) Viewed 10 times
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Re: New Polymer Notes for Northern Ireland

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A very nice addition to the new series.
Colouring is similar to that of the Bank of England £50.
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