About Extracts from Irish Numismatics

Articles and excerpts from Irish Numismatics Magazine, edited by Derek Young.
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About Extracts from Irish Numismatics

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Irish Numismatics

Irish Numismatics Magazine was an important publication in Ireland which was published by Stagecast Publishing, Dublin for 18 years from 1968 to 1983. The magazine ran to 96 issues over that period. It was edited by Derek Young, a leading researcher and writer on Irish Numismatics.

After Irish Numismatics ceased publication as a stand alone magazine, it continued as a special section in Coin & Medal News, and later in Coin News, published by Token Publishing.
Irish Numismatics remains an important reference resource on all aspects of Irish numismatics.

Token Publishing, the copyright holders of Irish Numismatics have granted permission for the reproduction on irishpapermoney.com of articles and extracts from Irish Numismatics Magazine. Articles on subjects other than Irish banknotes will also be included in this section.

Board members may post articles from Irish Numismatics in this section, with the following process:
1. Post title must be the subject of the article.
2. One article per topic.
3. Introduction to articles must follow the established style, with
(a) a brief introduction,
(b) a reference of the Original [print] version,
(c) Recommended Citation
4. Upload scanned images of pages.

Comments may then be added in the thread following.
Moderators will adjust the uploaded images if necessary, most likely to optimise file sizes.

CN-IN - Abbreviation for the Irish Numismatics section in Coin & Medal News Magazine, published by Token Publishing.
CN - Abbreviation for Coin News Magazine, published by Token Publishing.
IN - Abbreviation for Irish Numismatics Magazine, published in Dublin by Token Publishing.