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Irish Papermoney Historical Timeline
Modern Northern Ireland Issues from ca1997

Historical Timeline of Irish Paper Money
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Northern Ireland Issue

Banknote designs modernised with new security features

The 1990s saw the inclusion of new high technology security devices in newer designs.

The four banks with the right to issue their own notes in Northern Ireland were Bank of Ireland, First Trust Bank (formerly issued notes as The Provincial Bank of Ireland, and then Allied Irish Banks), Ulster Bank, and Danske Bank which appeared as an issuer of banknotes in Northern Ireland after taking over The Northern Bank in 2004.

Between them, they produced a large variety of notes which circulated throughout Northern Ireland.

Northern Bank 50 Pounds 1999Danske Bank 10 Pounds Northern Irealnd
Bank of Ireland 100 PoundsFirst Trust Bank 50 Pounds 1998Ulster Bank 50 Pounds

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