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Irish Papermoney Historical Timeline
Northern Ireland Issue Polymer Notes 2018

Historical Timeline of Irish Paper Money
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Northern Ireland Polymer Notes

Modern polymer banknotes introduced by three banks

First Trust Bank to cease issuing notes from 2022

There was a progressive move towards polymer banknotes among the issuing banks in Northern Ireland, nearly two decades after The Northern Bank issued a polymer £5 note in 1999, a portrait format note which was its final £5 note issue.

After a move to polymer banknotes among the Scottish issuing banks, the issuing banks in Northern Ireland began to follow suit, with the first such notes entering circulation in February 2019. By July 2020 the rollout of polymer notes was completed by three banks for lower denominations: Bank of Ireland (£5, £10, £20); Danske Bank (£10, £20); Ulster Bank (£5, £10, £20).

Ulster Bank adopted a portrait format for its new notes and created an entirely new design. The other two banks adapted their existing core designs for the new notes.

AIB announced that it would cease note issue in Northern Ireland as First Trust Bank from 2022. The bank did not develop a polymer note issue.
Three banks remain as issuers of banknotes in Northern Ireland.

Bank of Ireland 5 Pounds 2017Bank of Ireland 5 Pounds Polymer

Danske Bank 20 Pounds 2019Danske Bank 20 Pounds polymer

Ulster Bank 10 Pounds 2019Ulster Bank 10 Pounds polymer

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