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Irish Papermoney Historical Timeline
Legal Tender Notes: A Series 1974-1977

Historical Timeline of Irish Paper Money
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Irish Legal Tender Notes 1974-1977, Lady Lavery

Irish banknotes printed by Central Bank of Ireland, Sandyford, Dublin

The Central Bank of Ireland commenced printing A Series banknotes itself on a phased basis from 1974 at their new printing works in Sandyford, Dublin, with all denominations being printed by the Authority by 1977.

1974 also saw the first usage of a marked Star Replacement note system for Irish notes. single letters were used on notes (£1 through to £20) printed by De La Rue, and a double 0 plus letter prefix (£1, £5) were used on banknotes printed by the Central Bank. £100 and £50 replacement notes continued to be unmarked. The 10 shilling note denomination had been discontinued with decimalisation.

Lavery Ten PoundLady Lavery Five PoundsLavery One Pound
Lavery 20 PoundsCentral Bank of Ireland 50 Pounds 1977Central Bank of Ireland 100 Pounds 1977

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