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Irish Papermoney Historical Timeline
Northern Ireland Issues 1966-1970s

Historical Timeline of Irish Paper Money
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Northern Ireland Issue

Northern Ireland banknotes, late 1960s-1970s

All of the banks had produced new smaller more modern note designs by the 1970s. Mergers reduced the number of note-issuing banks to four.

The National Bank was taken over by the Bank of Ireland in 1966, and banknotes of the National Bank were withdrawn from circulation. Bank of Ireland introduced a new series of more modern notes in 1967. These were the first of its notes not to be printed by the bank itself. They were also the first notes issued by the bank which did not bear dates of issue.

In 1972 Bank of Ireland slightly reduced the size of its notes.

The Belfast Banking Company was merged into the Northern Bank in 1970, both of them being owned by Midland Bank. A new series of modern small-sized banknotes of the Northern Bank, dated 1st July 1970 and prominently featuring the Midland Bank symbol of a Griffin and Guineas replaced the older issues of the Belfast and Northern banks.

The Provincial Bank of Ireland introduced a new design modern series with dates commencing 1st January 1977.

Ulster Bank introduced a new modern seris of banknotes commencing with the date 4th October 1966. These notes were reduced in size in 1971.

National Bank 5 Pounds 1964Bank of Ireland 10 Pounds 1984Bank of Ireland 5 Pounds 1967Bank of Ireland One Pound 1967
Northern Bank 20 Pounds 1970Ulster Bank 5 Pounds 1966Provincial Bank of Ireland Five Pounds 1977Northern Bank 10 Pounds 1971
Ulster Bank One Pound 1973Provincial Bank of Ireland One Pound 1977Provincial Bank of Ireland One Pound

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