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Irish banknotes for Sale

Irish bank notes for sale

Occasional Mail Order Lists of Irish Banknotes

I do not currently have a list of notes for sale. Please enquire by email if you have specific wants, and also check my occasional ebay listings.

My lists generally cover the following Irish notes
All Currency Commission and Central Bank of Ireland notes of the Republic of Ireland, 1928–2001:
A Series. Lavery notes 1928–1976.
B Series. 1977–1993.
C Series. 1992–2001.

Consolidated Bank notes. Ploughman notes 1929–1939.

Wants lists are welcome for Republic of Ireland notes of all eras.
I am based in the UK. I ship most items to the UK and Republic of Ireland only.
I will also ship lower value items to the the Nordic countries, EU, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. Please enquire.

All stocks are in the bank, so please allow for a short delay when ordering something.

Buying Old Irish Banknotes, Valuation and Grading

I am always interested in buying old Irish notes, both for my own collection and to sell.

I am happy to give valuations of old Irish bank notes free of charge whether or not they may be for sale. Do feel free to email me, or to post a valuation request on the forum. There is also background information on recent auction sales and values on the forum.

Before selling your old notes, you are always best advised to get several quotes, and estimates of their value. You may decide that you prefer to put your old notes into an auction, or sell them on-line. Be aware of the fees that are charged for these services.

If you are valuing them yourself using a catalogue, or on-line resource, then you should become familiar with grading the condition of the notes. A general guide to grading is also on this web site, using old Ten Shilling notes as examples.

Some old Irish notes can be very valuable, for example, those dated 1928; or some of the war code notes (1940-1944); and some series are generally of significant value, such as the Ploughman notes. Detailed current valuations for Ploughman notes in the forum are kept up to date. Some of the rarer Irish notes are very valuable.

BUYING If you have surplus banknotes, I might be interested in them in part exchange, or to buy. Please email me details.

I will pay best for old notes that are for my own collection. Version 3.0.3 Copyright ©2000 - 2022, M Mac Devitt.