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Joseph Careshore, Carrick on Suir

Banknotes of the Irish Private Banks
Joseph Carshore, Carrick on Suir, Co. Tipperary

1805–1810 failed

Carrick on Suir, Co. Tipperary, Ireland mapJoseph Carshore One Guinea 1807 Carrick on Suir

Carshore's Tipperary Bank - 1 Series, 1 sole partner

Carrick on Suir bank

Little is known of Carshore's bank, except that it opened in late March 1805 [1. Hayes, 1809]. Carshore appears to have started out as a banker from the outset, unlike some of the other smaller issuers of notes such as Denis Moylan in nearby Cork who appears to been a merchant who issued notes without ever going into banking.

1810 Failure

O'Kelly (1959) states that the bank failed in 1809 [2.]. Saunders' Newsletter notes under Bankrupts: 'Joseph Carshore, of Carrick-on-Suir, county Tipperary, late Banker and Dealer in Exchange' [3].

Joseph Carshore died in late 1810 according to cemetery records.

Carshore's Bank Note Issues

There is one single banknote known for Carshore's Bank, and one Type by partnership.

Series 1. Joseph Carshore

Denominations recorded: One Guinea.
Printers: unknown.

Joseph Carshore Carrick on Suir One Guinea 2nd Jan 1807
Joseph Carshore, One Guinea, 2nd Jan 1807, Carrick on Suir


1. The opening of Carshore’s bank is noted in William Hayes' Commonplace Book ‘A Carrickman's Diary’ 1787-1809.
2. O’Kelly, E. (1959). The Old Private Banks and Bankers of Munster. Cork: Cork University Press, p. 25.
3. Saunders' Newsletter, Wednesday 19 September 1810.

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