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Ulster Bank Northern Ireland Overprints
Series D First Northern Ireland Issue 1929 Overprint

Ulster Bank 1929 overprint for Northern Ireland on Series C One Pound notes

Two types of overprint for use in Northern Ireland

Two banks, Ulster Bank and Northern Bank, made use of overprints on earlier issue notes to use them up as part of their Northern Ireland Issue in 1929. Only 'Belfast Issue' One Pound notes were overprinted for the Ulster Bank. Northern Bank 1929 Overprints were used on several denominations.

With the partition of Irish currency on 6th May 1929 quantities of unissued Series C Type B £1 notes were modified by means of an overprint for use in Northern Ireland as part of Ulster Bank’s Northern Ireland Issue.

Issued In Northern Ireland After 6 May 1929

There are two types of overprint. The first was a large marking on stocks of unissued notes which were already dated and numbered the text “Issued In Northern Ireland After 6 May 1929” was printed three times on each banknote. No other adjustments were made to the notes, and they circulated with their original serial numbers and dates in place. It is not known how many banknotes with this overprint were issued. These notes were put into circulation in 1929 along with the new Northern Ireland Issue.

The second type of overprint was more subtle, the addition of ‘Northern Ireland Issue’ to undated, unnumbered blank notes. These notes were then dated and numbered under the new Northern Ireland Issue (Series E), and went into circulation bearing the dates 6 May 1929 and 1 June 1929.

Series D 1929 Northern Ireland Issue. Stamped overprint. 3 Dates known

Three dates have been recorded with this Northern Ireland overprint: 1 Mar 1926, 1 June 1927, 1 Dec1927. Other dates might also have been overprinted.

Ulster Bank One Pound 1929 Overprint

Ulster Bank One Pound 1927 with 1929 Overprint

Series E 1929. Overprint of 'Northern Ireland Issue' on blank notes

The second overprint type was numbered and dated as part of the bank’s standard Northern Ireland issue of £1 notes. It is on £1 notes dated 6 May 1929, and 1 June 1929, and was a device to facilitate the using up of the existing stocks of unissued blank unnumbered notes..

Ulster Bank One Pound 1929

Banknote number 1990, an example of the overprint of 'NORTHERN IRELAND ISSUE' on a blank note of Series C, overlaid on a later banknote which has 'NORTHERN IRELAND ISSUE' engraved on the plate. Version 3.0.3 Copyright ©2000 - 2022, M Mac Devitt.