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Bank of Ireland Series E
General Issue 1864-1918

Multibranch General Issue

A new series, with all branches listed in red on every note

Bank of Ireland 20 Pounds 1915 Baskin signature

The Bank of Ireland reintroduced colour on its banknotes with Series E in 1864 with the listing of all of the bank's branches in red on its notes, as well as the date and serial numbers. Colour had previously briefly been used to a small degree in the 1790s. The new Series E multibranch banknotes continue the iconic design of a row of mercury heads and twin statues of Hibernia that the bank introduced in 1838.

Series E. 1864-1918, Mercury Heads. Multi-branch General Issue

Large sized banknotes. Uniface. All denominations are of a similar size. Head Office DUBLIN.
Watermark: bank’s name in a curve with a year of manufacture inside the curve.
Banknotes printed on watermarked paper. All branches of the bank listed in red several lines on each banknote. The number of branches listed increases as time goes on. There are several known signature varieties, and at least one further unknown signature.

Four Types by design variation

There are four Types by major design variation for Series E banknotes, which divide into several variations by signature. Relatively little is known about Series E notes prior to Type D (1908) as the notes are quite scarce. It is likely that several other as yet unrecorded signatures exist on notes of Types A to C.

Type A. ca1864. Initial design. 3 Lines of bank branches in gothic script

Type A1. Signature Craig. 36 branches in 3 Lines.
Denominations recorded: £1. One single note known, plus one half note, and one contemporary forgery.

Type B. ca1871–1880. 4 Lines of branches in gothic script

The number of branches increases from 40 to 58.
Type B1. Signature Craig on £1 notes.
Type B2. Unknown signature on £5 note dated 10 Mar 1874.
Type B. Signature Greville on £500 notes.
Denominations recorded: £1, £5, £500.

Type C. 1881. Design changes. 4 Lines of bank branches in sans-serif script

Prefixing system changed from Letter over Letter to Letter over Number. Several signature varieties.
Type CC. 1881-1890. Signature Craig. 58 branches in 4 Lines. Sans-serif script. Denominations recorded: £1.
Type CH. 1887. Signature Heney. 58 branches in 4 Lines. Sans-serif script. Denominations recorded: £10.
Type CF. 1887-1890. Signature Foot. 58 branches in 4 Lines. Sans-serif script. Denominations recorded: £5.
Type CV. 1891-1896. Signature Verecker. 58 branches in 4 Lines. Sans-serif script. Denominations recorded: £1, £5, £10.
Type CE. 1899-1903. Signature Evans. 58 branches in 4 Lines. Sans-serif script. Denominations recorded: £1, £10, (£100 and £500 printing plates seen).
Type CB. 1904-1906. Signature Baskin. 58 branches in 4 Lines. Sans-serif script. Denominations recorded: £1, £5, £10.

Type D. 1908. 5 Lines of branches in sans-serif script increasing from 64 to 66

Signature Baskin.
a. 1908-1914. 65 Branches, including Dunmanway. Denominations recorded: £1, £3, £5, £10, £50.
b. 1914. 64 branches, Dunmanway removed. Denominations recorded: £1.
c. 1914-1917. 65 branches, Trim added. Denominations recorded: £1, £5, £10, £20.
d. 1917-1918. 66 branches, Newtownards added. Denominations recorded: £1, £5, £10, £20.

Type A
Bank of Ireland 1 Pound 1869

Type B
Bank of Ireland One Pound 1872

Type C
Bank of Ireland One Pound 1884Bank of Ireland 10 Pounds 1887 Heney signature
Bank of Ireland 5 Pounds 1890 Foot signatureBank of Ireland 1 Pound note 1891 Verecker
Bank of Ireland One Pound 1899 EvansBank of Ireland 5 Pounds 1905 Baskin signature

Type D
Bank of Ireland 20 Pounds 1915 Baskin signatureBank of Ireland Fifty Pounds 1908

Watermarks and printing of large size Bank of Ireland notes

Observation of printing plates in the bank's archives reveals that all Bank of Ireland multibranch notes were printed 2 up on a plate with a large watermark in the centre of each note. Plate letters indicated the position of the notes on the plate. From observation, left side notes had odd plate numbers, and right side notes had even plate numbers.

Detail of the water mark on a 1914 One Pound note shows the text 'Bank of Ireland' in an oval at the centre of the note. There is often a number visible in the centre of the watermark. Sometimes this is a year, presumed to be the year of manufacture of the paper.

Bank of Ireland, One Pound 1914, watermarks
Bank of Ireland, One Pound, 1914, watermarks

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