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Belfast Banking Company Limited
Series B 1851-1920

Belfast Banking Company multibranch General Issue

belfast banking company five pounds 1916

Series B. 1851-1920, Multi-branch General Issue

All the branches of the bank are listed on each banknote in two wide columns on the left and the right. The number of branches listed varies over time, with 37 branches listed on a £1 dated 5.12.05, rising to 42 branches on a £1 dated 6.1.16. The vertical spacing between branches is reduced on later notes (Type D) to make room for extra branches as the need arises. DERRY is changed to LONDONDERRY sometime between 1905 and 1909.

After the partition of Ireland in 1921 the Belfast Banking Company withdrew from operating in the Irish Free State. The bank was the last to modernise its banknote issues during the period of the transition of Irish currency from older to more modern designs, and produced an entirely new issue, dated from 1922, for Northern Ireland only after it sold its 20 branches in the Irish Free State to the Royal Bank of Ireland in 1923.

The partition of Ireland lead to a partition of the Irish currency when in 1929 the note issues of all the banks was split between the Irish Free State and Northern Ireland. As the Belfast Banking Company was operating solely in Northern Ireland by then, all of its 1922 issue was apportioned to that jurisdiction, and no adjustment to its banknotes was necessary.

Six Types of Belfast Banking Company banknotes by design variation

There are six Types by major design variation for Series B banknotes, which divide into several variations as listed below. There are many signature variations, and it is likely that other as yet unrecorded signatures exist on notes of all Types. Banknotes prior to Type D are generally rare.

Type A. 1851. Belfast Banking Company. First multibranch General Issue design.
Design similar to Series A notes, but with 25 bank branches listed.
Type A1. 1865. “Ent’d” on bottom border of each note.
Type A2. 1867. “ESTABLISHED 1827 INCORPORATED 1865” on bottom border of each note.

Type B. 1879. Reverse printing introduced

Blue back now printed on all notes.

Type C. 1883. Bank title changed to Belfast Banking Company Limited

35 branches.
All denominations except £1 notes redesigned. All observed serial Nos. 1–4 digits.

Type D. 1893. BELFAST DUBLIN added to all notes as principal offices of payment

Design similar to Type C.

Type E. 1905. Belfast Banking Company £1 Notes redesigned

Addition of blue central panel, ca.1905; and then, ca.1912, removal of underprint in signature panel.
a. Branch WARRENPOINT stamped on lower right of banknote.
b. WARRENPOINT integrated into branch listings.
Type E1. ca1905. Addition of blue central panel,.
Type E2. ca1912. Removal of underprint in signature panel

Type F. 1917. Gaps between branch bars removed

This design alteration created more room for branches. 44 – 57 branches listed.

Type A

belfast banking company one pound 1874

Type B
belfast bank one pound 1891belfast bank 1 pound 1891

Type C
belfast banking company limited one pound 1898

Type D
belfast banking company five pounds 1916belfast banking company limited 5 pounds 1917

Type E
belfast banking company limited one pound 1909belfast banking company one pound 1912

Type F
belfast banking company limited 20 pounds 1917belfast bank 50 pounds 1917

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