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National Bank of Ireland Series B
1870-1919 General Issue

National Bank large size multibranch banknotes

Ireland National Bank Three Pounds 1901

Most notes of Series B prior to 1900 are known only in Specimen or proof form. Denominations range from £1 to £100, though denominations higher than £20 have only ever been observed as Specimens.

Most later Specimen notes of Types C through F appear with the bottom third of the note cut off. These cut-off Specimens are printed on both pink and white paper. They are quite common in UNC grade regardless of denomination. Cut-off Specimens appear with a range dates, many of which appear not have been used on circulation notes. Non-cancelled issued notes prior to Type D are very rare.

Series B. 1870-1919, Multi-branch General Issue

Large sized banknotes. Uniface. All bank branches are listed in the centre of each banknote. Head Office DUBLIN.
The number of branches ranges from 69 on a £1 Specimen dated 1870 to 100 on a £10 dated 1918. Some later notes have one or more extra branches added outside of the standard block. The number of branches listed varies as time goes on. Extra branches were added as an overprint. Later issues had new plates made with the extra branches incorporated into the main block.

Six Types of National Bank notes with branches by design variation

There are six Types by major design variation for Series B banknotes, as listed.

Types A - D: The National Bank. Date in script typeface. All banknotes hand signed.
Types E - F: New pattern underprint. Date in serif upper case typeface. Printed Signature.

Type A. 1870. The National Bank Four lines of branches

Type B. 1871. The National Bank Five lines of branches

Type C. 1882. Bank title changes to The National Bank Limited

Five lines of branches.
“Unlimited for Note Issue” added under bank name at top of banknotes.

Type D. 1901. National Bank Limited Six lines of branches. Colour underprint of overlapping circles

b. BALLYGAR added outside main block of branches ca.1912.
c. EDGEWORTHSTOWN added outside main block of branches after ca.1915.

Type E. 1915. National Bank Limited Six lines of branches. New design single pattern colour underprint

The underprint design is similar on all denominations.
BALLYGAR and EDGEWORTHSTOWN integrated into branch block.

Type F. 1918. National Bank Limited Seven lines of branches

Number of branches ranges from 94 to 100. Design is similar to E.
Three signature variations. 1. Evans, 2. Mahony, 3. Wilson.

Type A
National Bank 50 Pounds 1870

Type C
National Bank One Pound 1882National Bank 3 Pounds 1891

Type D
Ireland National Bank Three Pounds 1901National Bank Limited 20 Pounds 1905

Type F
National Bank 5 Pounds 1918National Bank Ten Pounds 1918

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