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The Provincial Bank of Ireland
Series E 1920-1927

Provincial Bank General Issue with branches removed

The Provincial Bank issued its first banknotes without branch listings as a result of the Banknotes (Ireland) Act 1920 which repealed an 1828 Act requiring a bank to list the branch of issue on its notes. The first date on the branchless small size £1 notes was 1 November 1920. These notes were also the first of the bank to be printed on the reverse.

The printed area of Series E £1 notes was similar to that on 1919 Series D notes. The design also remained similar, except for the central panel, which was altered considerably to be made flatter creating more space in the signature panel and for the number box. Also, the two denomination roundels were moved outwards slightly to facilitate the addition of the script ‘ESTABLISHED A.D. 1825’.

Series E, 1920-1927, New design. Modern banknotes printed on both sides

There are two main Types in Series E: Type A, (1920-1921) hand signed; Type B (1922-1927), printed signature of Hume Robertson, hand-signed notes (Type A) and those with printed signatures of Hume Robertson. Size: printed area, 149 x 81 mm; paper size approximately 160 x 90 mm. Only £1 notes have been recorded in issued form. Proofs, and cancelled unissued £1 and £5 notes are common. Additionally, a £50 proof exists. Other denominations have not been seen as yet.

Type A
Provincial Bank of Ireland One Pound 1920Provincial Bank of Ireland 5 Pounds 1920

Provincial Bank of Ireland Fifty Pounds 1920 proof

Type B
Provincial Bank of Ireland One Pound 1927Provincial Bank of Ireland Five Pounds 1926

Provincial Bank of Ireland 1918-1927 Date Listings

An image of every date of each denomination of Series C, D and E is in Provincial Bank of Ireland 1918-1927 Date Listings: Series D £1 Notes, 11 dates.

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