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An on-line museum of Irish banknotes

This website covers Irish Government Paper Money from 1928 and older pre-partition banknotes issued by the commercial banks.
It is based on the book, 'Irish Banknotes - Irish Government Paper Money from 1928', published in 1999.

e has been live since mid-2000, making it one of the older web resources on papermoney.
It is a freeview resource for collectors of banknotes of Ireland, and will remain so. The freeweb abides.

The admin contact for is at the email address above. Site admin can also be contacted through the website's forum.
Comments can be left on the forum by registered users. Registration is free.

Data and images are subject to alteration and/or removal without prior notice.

Off-site links are checked regularly. Please report any surfing difficulties. is a living web site which is being continually updated. The site is largely a picture archive. The banknotes on display are loaned from various collections and archives and sourced on the world wide web, and from the Bank of Ireland and The Central Bank of Ireland. Specimen images are courtesy of the Central Bank of Ireland. Where available, the rarest banknote of each particular Type is on display. Thanks is expressed to all who loaned notes for illustration. If you have a banknote in your collection which is missing from this site and you would be interested in having it illustrated, then please contact us.

We have attempted to make it relatively easy to find things. Please advise us if the opposite is the case! Also we have tried to be accurate in our information. Please report any errors you may notice.

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v2.2.1 20.10.20 CAP upgrade. Addition of a new section on the Irish Private Banks of note issue ca1670-1836.
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v2.1.1 01.11.17 Old notes section 1918-1928 rolling revision completed, including the addition of new sub-sections, and many new images. Northern Ireland sections on National Bank and Bank of Ireland up to 1958 were also completely revised, as was the section on the Agricultural and Commercial Bank of Ireland. Part of SLEP3B upgrade.
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v1.0.4 As from 07.02.02. Minor interface adjustments. Upgraded navigation bar. Addition of some extra banknote images.
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v1.0.1 As from 02.11.00. Minor interface adjustments on some pages. Addition of one missing banknote image, previously unavailable.
Addition of Error Notes.
v1.0.0 Initial posting 22.06.00.

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Legal restrictions governing the reproduction of Irish Paper Money

Images of banknotes presented in this web site are reproduced with the kind permission of The Central Bank of Ireland and the Bank of Ireland both of which supplied banknotes for illustration, and the owners of the banknotes. Other images were sourced on the web and from collections.

All images of Irish Government-issued banknotes are reproduced according to the restrictions placed upon the colour web reproduction of Irish currency, namely that such banknotes be at a resolution of 72dpi at 1:1 scale and be overprinted SPECIMEN. Any other reproduction may constitute forgery in the case of Legal Tender Notes. The Central Bank of Ireland is the issuing Authority of currency in the Republic of Ireland, and the holder of the copyright to the design of A Series, B Series, and C Series Legal Tender Notes (1928-2001), and of the Consolidated Banknotes (1929-1941). These notes are in the course of withdrawal from circulation. Permission to reproduce any of these notes including those on this web site must be sought from the Central Bank of Ireland.

The Central Bank of Ireland Archives are the copyright holders of images of the Series B £100 note, and permission to reproduce any of these images must be sought from them.

Permission to reproduce images of Northern Ireland banknotes issued by AIB (Includes First Trust Bank and Provincial Bank of Ireland), Northern Bank (which includes those of the Belfast Banking Company) and Ulster Bank was refused by these banks, and consequentially there are no pictures of their current issued Northern Ireland notes on this web site, other than Specimen notes.

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