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Provincial Bank of Ireland Series D
1919 General Issue, Small Size, with Branches Listed

Provincial Bank Small Size Multibranch General Issue

Provincial Bank of Ireland One Pound 1919

As was the case with other Irish banks, the Provincial Bank of Ireland introduced a modernisation of its banknote issues in the immediate post-World War 1 era during the transition of Irish currency designs from older formats. It initially appears to have followed the lead of Bank of Ireland by reducing the size of its £1 note issues, though only slightly, to produce Series C.

Banknotes of the Provincial Bank of Ireland underwent several changes in a short period of time which gave rise to some very rare and short-lived issues. Unlike the banknotes of other Irish banks, the redesign of the note issues by the Provincial bank lead apparently to alterations of just its £1 notes in circulation, with no evidence of modernised versions of higher denominations entering circulation, though modernisation of these other denominations was underway.

After issuing one date as reduced size notes, which ran to less than one prefix, it adopted a small size note issue in early 1919 which was very similar in size to the £1 notes of the National Bank, and to the 1919 Third Issue of English Treasury notes. This became the standard size range for £1 notes of all the Irish banks, including those of the Currency Commission.

Provincial Bank of Ireland Series D. 1919. New design. Two Types

The banknote design is a miniature version of Series C, with minor design changes to the outer enclosing border and note body. Printed uniface.
Size: printed area, 149 x 81 mm; paper size approximately 155 x 87 mm.
Two Types: Type A, 64 Branches; Type B, 66 branches. Hand signed with six recorded signature variations.

Provincial Bank of Ireland 1918-1927 Date Listings - 15 Dates of Issue

An image of each known date of Series C, D and E is in the Provincial Bank of Ireland Date Listings: Series D £1 Notes, 3 dates.

Provincial Bank One Pound 1919 Watermarks

An enhanced image shows the watermark on the 1919 small size Provincial Bank One Pound notes composed of the text "PROVINCIAL BANK OF IRELAND" in three lines.

watermarks used on Provincial Bank of Ireland One Pound notes, dateed 1919
Detail of the watermarks used on Provincial Bank of Ireland One Pound notes, dateed 1919 Version 3.0.3 Copyright ©2000 - 2022, M Mac Devitt.